Health, Safety and Environmental Standards

RTKC expects our contracted partners to be able to recognize the hazards present during their work, and to actively apply appropriate controls. 

RTKC uses standards that outline the requirements for general types of hazards. These standards provide a solid foundation of controls for addressing workplace hazards.

Although RTKC has not developed a standard to address every possible hazard, we require all work to comply with applicable safety, health, and environmental regulations and to conform to our HSEQ standards, policies, and management system requirements.

These standards are written as briefly and concisely as possible, and are aimed at creating a clear understanding of what is required. We want our standards to be useful and relevant. Feedback on improvements to our standards is welcome.

The standards and policies posted on this webpage are currently in effect and will be revised and communicated on this website.


Element 7 (Supplier and Contractor Management)


No Smoking Policy


5.5 Hazard Identification and Risk Managment

9.1 Personal Protective Equipment


10.1 Hazard Communication

10.2 Material Disposal

10.3 Hearing Conservation

10.4 Ergonomics

10.5 Radiation

10.6 Particulate and Gas / Vapor Exposure

10.7 Occupational Exposure Limits

10.8 Thermal Stress

10.9 Workplace Monitoring

13.2 Medical Surveillance

13.8 Fitness for Work


14.4 Delivery Driver Standard - Loading and Unloading Operations


15.1 Electrical Safety

15.2 Equipment Visibility

15.3 Vehicles and Driving

15.4 Restrooms, Changerooms, Lockers and Lunchrooms

15.5 Fixed Ladders, Stairs and Walkways

15.6 Color Code Requirements

15.9 Stacking and Storage Practices

15.10 Ventilation - Natural and Artificial


16.1 Welding Repairs and Modifications - Hot Work Permit

16.2 Confined Space Entry Requirements

16.3 Restricted Access - Barricading / Off-Limit Entry

16.4 Cranes and Hoists

16.5 Aerial Lifts and Platforms

16.6 Slings

16.7 Scaffolds

16.8 Machine Guarding

16.12 Lockout / Tagout (Isolation)

16.14 Unfired Pressure Vessels

16.15 Compressed Gas

16.16 Hand Tools

16.17 Trenching and Excavation Requirements

16.18 Grinding Wheels

16.19 Temporary Heating Equipment

16.20 Fall Prevention

16.21 Ladders

16.24 Explosives Handling and Blasting

16.25 Lighting Safety Standard

16.26 High Pressure Washing/Cutting