Procurement Principles

Rio Tinto’s reputation for acting responsibly plays a critical role in our success as a business and our ability to generate shareholder value. As a Procurement function we take that responsibility seriously at each stage of our process from warehouse staff or sourcing specialists to our leadership team. We expect our suppliers to do the same.

Our Procurement Principles reflect Rio Tinto’s four core values: Accountability, Respect, Teamwork and Integrity. They outline the way we want to operate in partnership with our customers and suppliers. They also capture our expectations of each employee and contractor. We have produced this document to reflect the transparency we expect in all procurement related activities for Rio Tinto, by all key stakeholders. It’s also an opportunity for us to communicate the principles that guide our ideal behavior as an organization. It supersedes The way we buy and reflects the principles outlined in Rio Tinto’s global code of business conduct The way we work.

Please take time to read and understand Rio Tinto Procurement Principles and use it as a continual reference in your work. Click here for the full document.


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